Salon & Boutique Procedures



   The procedure for drop off & pick of your pet will be very different in order to avoid cross-contamination, and lower the risk of spreading COVID-19.

   We are on an extremely tight schedule due to the sanitary regulations we must follow. It is extremely important that you arrive on time for your appointment. Please understand that if you arrive late, we may not be able to take you, and you will be charged a cancellation fee. 


   In order to minimize contact, and stick to our very tight schedule, we ask that you include all details and requests for your pets grooming in the notes of their online booking, or when you book their appointment over the phone. There will be no more in person consultations due to the current pandemic.

   Walk-in services without an appointment (such as nail clipping) will no longer be offered. Every service will be by appointment only.

   Our Salon will be re-opening on June 2nd 2020. CURRENT clients of the salon have access to our online booking through our website. We ask that all appointments be taken via our online system at this time. An email, with all the details of our reopening, was sent out to all of our clients on the 22nd of May. CLICK-HERE to view it. It contains all new information regarding your visits to the salon.
   Anyone wishing to become a client of the salon will be given a chance to open a file with us and book their first appointments once all current clients have been given enough time to schedule their appointments. If you wish to be put on our potential client list, please click here to fill out a quick form. People on this list will be contacted before our appointment book is opened up to the general public online. 



   Clients are encouraged to drop off their pet outside the building. We will not be touching your pets collar, harness or leash. We will use our own slip leads to collect your pet. Once our slip lead is secured, we will ask you to please remove your pets collar, harness and any apparel on them.

   If you need to enter the building, you will be required to wear a mask and sanitize your hands upon entering the building (hand sanitizer station will be available at the entrance).

   Please understand that grooming times may be longer than usual. This is due to the extra sanitary procedures we must follow, coupled with the large amount of calls we are receiving at this time. During grooming, we may no longer have time to answer every phone call, or depending on what stage we are at of the grooming, not be able to touch the phone due to worries of cross contamination. If your pet is being groomed and you need to contact us, we highly recommend sending us a text message instead. *Please text the number that you received your appointment reminder from. We CANNOT receive text messages on our business landline.


   You will be called or sent a text message 15-30 minutes before the end of your pets grooming. We ask that you please arrive on time to pick up your pet. If you are late, and our next appointment has already arrived, you will need to wait until that pet is bathed, and the front of the salon completely disinfected before we can bring your pet out to you. If you are more than 15 minutes late to pick up your pet, you will be charged a late fee. If you arrive early to pick up your pet, we ask you to please wait outside, out of their view, until they are ready; if they are still being groomed, please do not ring the bell, knock or try to get their attention.

   When you arrive to pick up your pet, we will bring the payment terminal to the front door, and proceed with payment first. Once payment is completed, we will bring your pet out to you. Please remember to bring their leash, collar and/or harness.



   Due to the small size of our boutique, our front door will be locked at all times to control the number of people entering. Please ring the bell, and we will buzz you in. The following rules have been put in place to minimize the risk of cross contamination:

  • 1 person in the boutique at a time.

  • All clients are required to wear a mask inside the boutique.

  • All clients must sanitize their hands upon entering the boutique (A hand sanitizing station is available at the entrance).

    If you would like to shop the boutique when picking up your pet after grooming, please let us know, and we will wait until you are done shopping to bring you your pet.

   Our boutique is also available through our website, with no contact pick up. We encourage all clients to place and pay for their orders online. We will prepare it, and schedule a pick up time with you. No need to come inside, just arrive in our parking lot at your scheduled pick up time and we will bring your order right to your car.


   Our grooming salon has always had very high standards when it comes to equipment and environment sanitation. In fact, our standards already exceed those put forth by the CNESST in regards to COVID-19 prevention. We've decided to up our game anyway! Take a look at our cleaning procedures to see how we are committed to keeping you and your pets safe.


   We are committed to keeping our environment clean and safe for all our customers. Only one client will be allowed into the building at a time. Between every client, we will be disinfecting multiple surfaces, including doorknobs, payment machines, our front counter and our hand sanitizer station.

   Our front desk/check out counter has been fitted with a large plexi-glass shield to maintain a barrier between clients and employees during check out.

   We encourage customers to use card payments instead of cash. If a client must pay by cash, we will be disinfecting all money received in our UV sterilizer before putting it into our register.

   At the end of every day, our boutique will receive a thorough deep clean. This includes disinfecting every surface, including our floor, our plexi-glass shield, door knobs, shelves, counters and tables.


   Proper cleaning and sanitizing procedures are always important in a grooming salon. At Toilettage Spaw Melanie, we believe that equipment and surfaces should always be sanitized between every single client (not just during a pandemic). We are proud to say that our regular every day sanitizing procedures already exceed those put forth by the CNESST for virus prevention. We've added a few more rules that all workers must follow to lower the risk of cross contamination even further.


  • All pets will be taken in using our own slip leads, which will be sprayed with disinfectant, and sanitized in our UV oven between every client. If a pet comes in a transport crate, we will use disinfectant spray to clean it as soon as your pet is removed.

  • Pets will be taken directly to bath for bathing. Once they are thoroughly shampooed and rinsed, they will be placed on the grooming table for drying, and our bathtub and floor where your pet walked will be disinfected.

  • Until the pet is completely washed and rinsed, workers will be wearing full PPE (Mask, Visor, water proof jacket and gloves). Once the pet is rinsed, jacket, gloves and visor will be removed and sanitized.

  • During the rest of the grooming process, workers will wear waterproof grooming smocks and a mask or visor (or both) depending on the situation.

  • For pets who will not receive a full bath for their grooming (cats & exotics), or for nail clipping appointments, workers will stay in full PPE during the process. 



   After every appointment, the grooming area and tools are washed and sanitized.

  • Brushes and combs are washed with soap and water, dried and placed in our

     UV oven to be sanitized.

  • Scissors and blades are cleaned with an alcohol based solution, and then placed

     in our UV oven to be sanitized.

  • Grooming tables, poles and leads are washed and then sprayed with disinfectant.


   We use safe and effective cleaners and disinfectants certified by Health Canada to be

effective against viruses including COVID-19. These disinfectants are used on surfaces 

including tables, leads, poles, doorknobs and bath tubs.

STER-SAN(virucidal, bactericidal and fungicidal) : APPROVED BY HEALTH CANADA: DIN  02453983

   Once equipment such as clippers, scissors, blades and brushes are cleaned,

they are placed in a UV OVEN to be sanitized. 


UV OVEN PRO : EPA /FCC certified. Certified Microchem Lab results available here.