New/prospective clients
The salon is not currently accepting new clients. If you would like to be considered by the salon to become a new client, you can put your name on our waiting list. When we have a spot on our client list available, we will contact people on this list. Those who meet the salon's criteria will be chosen to become clients. Please take note that the waiting time once your name is on the list is generally 1-3 years, but may surpass this time as well.
  • All clients of the salon must agree to keep their pet's on a regular grooming schedule for their skin/coat health and mental well being. For most dogs, this usually means a regular schedule between 4-10 weeks.(Cats may be on a longer schedule).
*Clients who do not maintain a regular schedule will have their account automatically deactivated.
  • Clients must agree to work with their pet at home when it comes to addressing behavioural issues in the salon, or to stick to a training routine to rehab pets with anxiety related issues.
*Clients who are not willing to put the work in at home to make their pet's grooming experience more positive will no longer be accepted at the salon.
  • Clients must agree to our salon service agreement. To read it Click-Here.
  • Clients must always have an active credit card on file to reserve their appointments.(Credit cards are not used to charge appointments. They are only used to charge cancellation fees - see service agreement for details.)
*Our waitlist is automatically closed when the maximum of 100 places are filled. The salon evaluates it's client list and accepts a few new clients 1-2 times per year.
We recommend you check back within 6-12 months to see if the wait list has been reopened.