New/prospective clients
The salon is not currently accepting new clients. If you would like to be considered by the salon to become a new client, you can put your name on our waiting list. When we have a spot on our client list available, we will contact people on this list. Those who meet the salon's criteria will be chosen to become clients.
  • All clients of the salon must agree to keep their pet's on a regular grooming schedule for their skin/coat health and mental well being. For most dogs, this usually means a regular schedule between 4-10 weeks.(Cats may be on a longer schedule).
*Clients who do not maintain a regular schedule will have their account automatically deactivated.
  • Clients must agree to work with their pet at home when it comes to addressing behavioural issues in the salon, or to stick to a training routine to rehab pets with anxiety related issues.
*Clients who are not willing to put the work in at home to make their pet's grooming experience more positive will no longer be accepted at the salon.
  • Clients must agree to our salon service agreement. To read it Click-Here.
  • Clients must always have an active credit card on file to reserve their appointments.(Credit cards are not used to charge appointments. They are only used to charge cancellation fees - see service agreement for details.)