Holden's Cancer Fund


Would you like to help Holden by donating towards his cancer treatment?

We are accepting donations through our GoFundMe page, or in person at one of our fundraisers.


A few weeks ago...we received devastating news. Holden was diagnosed with an extremely aggressive form of Cancer. Subcutaneous hemangiosarcoma.

After a surgery, biopsy, x-rays and ultrasounds, we were told the cancer has not yet spread...in other words, we caught it early ... But without further treatment, his outlook is not good. We were told without treatment, the cancer would spread quickly to his organs, and we would have only a few months with him.

With treatment, his outlook is much brighter..with a possibility of years added to his life and even a chance that we rid him of the cancer completely.
So we started chemotherapy. We've done one treatment out of the six he needs...but we are running out of funds... After the surgery, medications and scans ... We don't know how we will continue to pay for his treatments, which will total to a little over $9000


Holden is our big lovable goofball of a dog. We took him in after a friend found him in the middle of the night on a busy road. He was approximately 3 months old, and was covered in scars, open wounds, burns and had worms. After looking for his possible owners, and having all his medical issues taken care of...he stole our hearts and became ours.

Holden and our other dog Charlie go everywhere with us. From road trips, to camping & hiking, snow shoeing and canoeing. He's our adventure dog!
He's also the perfect dog for lazy days, as he's also super happy to sleep in with us, cuddle up on the couch and hang out.

His love of cats and kittens made him instant friends with a kitty we got 2 years ago. Our intimidating 100lbs shepherd turns into a gentle giant around his little cat Niska

We've had animals all our lives ... And we love them all...but Holden is one of those rare special ones ...he is my heart dog